Dress made to order only

We want the dress to fit you perfectly, so in the Rozalia Bot workshop the model you will choose will be created according to your measurements. For this, please fill in the fields in the order with your measurements.

  1. Bust – Measure around the torso, under the arms and over the most prominent area of the bust. Keep the centimeter loose.
  2. Waist – Measure the waist line, about 3 cm above the navel, keeping the centimeter loose.
  3. Hip – Measure below the waist, in the most prominent area of the pelvis, keeping the centimeter loose.
  4. Shoulders – Bust – Measure from the shoulder to the most prominent area of the bust (top of the bust).
  5. Bust – Waist – Measure from the top of the bust to the waist, keeping the centimeter close to the body passing under the breast.
  6. Bottom size – Measure standing straight, from the waist to the floor, including heels (it would be good to ask for the help of another person so you don’t have to bend over).
  7. Total Height – Total height, with heels