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In my creations I celebrate the beauty of nature and the wonderful architecture of your body. I feel inspired and attracted by the modern, but I also perpetuate with conviction the love for traditional motifs, through hand-stitched embroidery, which will make your outfit special, unique. That’s why my exhortation is to choose to define your style through inspired choices, with which you can identify!

Ever since I was a child… I have continuously developed my passion for fashion. With the same passion, I officially launched myself into this interesting world. Discover my website where you can find my collections and an online boutique, to order your favorite creations, for a remarkable look.


Embroidery is the art of decorating fabrics and materials with needle and thread or special threads, with the aim of beautifying and personalizing different objects, from clothing to decorative elements. Certainly, as in fashion, any inspired designer can give a unique look to his creations, using embroidery as a powerful tool, through which he can stand out, as Rozalia Bot did on the market in Romania and beyond.

The origin of embroidery can be dated before Christ, however, the way we find it today has been practiced for decades already. Both in general and in the fashion industry, in particular, embroidery translates into attention to details, and, therefore, the desire to give personality to a product.

Thanks to the innovations in the textile industry, today we can talk about high-performance sewing machines, automated processes and, consequently, about computerized embroidery. However, Rozalia Bot considers this process impersonal and has chosen to capitalize on the talent present in her family. Thus, her mother, with over 50 years of experience in this technique, enlivens each item of clothing created by the designer, embroidering with grace and patience so that you can enjoy a unique product.

About me
About me

Manual-mechanical embroidery is made using household sewing machines, by guiding the hoop, the needle with thread, stitch by stitch along the pattern previously drawn on the material. So, although this process requires a lot of time and special attention, we finally have a finished product with a special imprint after hours of work. Your product will be embroidered by hand, it will be unique, beautiful, made to the highest quality standards.

However, it should be mentioned that the embroidery may present an irregular appearance in terms of the symmetry of the design or the color, and please interpret them as distinctive signs of handwork, as small imperfections related to the identity of the product, and not as defects.

Thank you for honoring our work by wearing Rozalia Bot!

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